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Our cleanse rocks!

Cleanse juice combinations are blended to detox your body on the cellular level. You may notice increased energy, stamina boost, weight loss and mental clarity. Start our cleanse today and begin to eliminate toxins from your system through cellular regeneration.

100% Organic

All of our juices are made with Certified Organic produce, no water or fillers. Absolutley no chemical additives or GMO’s. Organic food affords us higher mineral content. This is why we label our products Hyper Dense Organic Bio- Mineral.

What is a cleanse anyways?

The ultimate life back!

Cleanse participants drink three 16OZ juices and one 16OZ coconut water each day for three days. Along the course of the day, you’ll consume: Green Alkalizer ( rich in iron/brings oxygen rich blood to brain), Citrus ( antioxidant rich/removes impurities), and Coconut Water ( unprocessed/harvested from fresh coconuts/super hydrating). Please email us to inquire about additional information and do notify our staff of any allergies you may have. We’re happy to provide this organic cleanse to our customers for $125. You may increase the length of your cleanse at any time, just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you.

My personal experience with The WaterHole REGENERATION cleanse 

Fast tracking my nutrients!

It all started when I was traveling a lot going to events and not getting proper rest and nourishment. I was consuming more sugar than usual in tea and other beverages and eating “healthy fast-foods” on the go. I was tired most of the time and didn’t have the energy to execute daily physical activities.

During this transition of becoming an “on the go” person my body was suffering. I made an intentional decision to pause. I needed a break from the emotional ups and downs induced by sugar and a complete palette reset. Reflecting on what I was eating I knew it was an acidic diet and that I needed to bring my body back to alkalinity. I also needed to remove impurities through a complete detox. To maintain a high level of physical activity and get my blood flowing I worked out regularly but I needed to stay hydrated and wanted a source of natural electrolytes.

I decided to create a REGENERATION cleanse enriched with all that my body needed. I was able to do a three-day REGENERATION cleanse and reboot my system. I felt full of life and energized. I was free from added sugar, my senses were enhanced, and I had the mental clarity to focus and make important decisions. Ultimately, I was able to detox and remove sludge from my system. The REGENERATION cleanse brought me back to the start of my journey to optimum health.

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