About The WaterHole

The WaterHole is a Juice Bar gem located in the historical arts district of Mt. Rainier, MD. It was founded November 14, 2014 as a dedication to the owner's father, TJ Harris. The mission of the WaterHole is to provide ways to recharge and revitalize the body using all natural and organic resources. The WaterHole is an inclusive community that creates a safe space for all of it's eclectic patrons. You can find residents, artists, moms and toddlers coming to nourish their minds, bodies and souls with fresh, organic juices. In addition to providing the community with fresh juices, the Waterhole also offers the community delicious plant-based organic fare, fresh produce and their own line of organic supplements. The WaterHole is truly an enhancement to the quaint, creative town of Mount Rainier, Maryland.

Lisa Harris is the juice blending visionary and owner of The WaterHole. Lisa has deep roots in the community and has lived in Mt. Rainier, MD for 12 years. Harris is a young entrepreneur interested in finding ways to heal and live one's best life through natural resources. She has invested in creating a space that supports good health practices. When her father passed from cancer in 2013, she was inspired to pursue her dreams and passions head on. Lisa’s passion for bringing community together around healthy food, good vibes and music shines through every aspect of The Waterhole. Lisa’s vision is that the Waterhole be “a place for people to gather, attain knowledge…and be fulfilled mentally spiritually and physically.” The Waterhole is the community hub Lisa always dreamed it would be. She is truly passionate about health and wants her community to “Live Organically!”

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