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Thanksgiving is here again and an entire season of overeating will begin. From Thanksgiving through to New Years Day good eating is defined as eating anything you want and as much of it as you want. Therefore, if you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve felt the negative effects that accompany overeating —  burping, bloating, gas, indigestion, tightening of the waistband and fatigue — and you’re ready to do something about it.  You’re not alone.

Look, no one wants to set out to eat their favorite meal and then feel like crap, but doing so doesn’t come without a price.

Often we don’t give much thought to the physiology of what’s happening in our amazing human bodies when we overeat. That’s why Thanksgiving and the holiday season in general, is the perfect time to reflect on this.  As you sit and enjoy your favorite foods and reach for seconds, thirds and dessert, the furthest thing from your mind is the thought of how your body is going to handle the heavy load.

You’re Stuffed, And Suddenly You Become Aware Of:

    • Fatigue – Suddenly you’re tired. The fatigue experienced by overeating is the exhaustion of every organ and every cell in your body working against what you ate. Overeating stresses your organs at a cellular level and leads to complications that should not be underestimated, like digestive issues, poor liver function, kidney damage, diabetes, heart disease and overtime, cancer. You are made of cells. Those cells need energy to repair and regenerate themselves.  The energy they use to perform this function is called nerve energy. The body needs adequate nerve energy for healthy functioning. The typical stresses of life and especially overeating deplete your nerve energy. You squander your nerve energy when you overeat, drink stimulants such as coffee and tea, when there’s anxiety, and when you’re physically stressed. Your nerve energy is a delicate and precious resource. You need to conserve it.


    • Lower Stomach Acid – Overeating reduces stomach acid causing symptoms of gastritis such as GERD – heartburn/acid reflux, gas, bloating and diarrhea. Overeating also causes the stomach to distend. At the same time, the stomach works and churns to get food moving into the already overloaded intestine as the body struggles to maintain a balance.


    • Malabsorption of Nutrients – Every time we overeat we tax the body so that it doesn’t absorb nutrients. The stomach works double-time to release digestive enzymes to break down each food we consume.  If we consume many different foods at one sitting the pancreas needs to sort out which digestive enzymes to release to break down those foods. This is work. Overwhelming the digestive organs in this manner may result in diarrhea. Diarrhea is the body’s not so subtle way of telling you it wants what you ate OUT! Once diarrhea occurs there’s a ‘rushing’ out of nutrients, that never get absorbed.


    • Overloading the Pancreas – the pancreas also pulls a double shift releasing insulin to compensate for the intake of sugar. This not only exhausts the pancreas but when done repeatedly, overeating leads to Type 2 diabetes.  All food, whether it’s protein, fat, or carbohydrates gets broken down into glucose. When you have insulin resistance and you overeat, the cells in your body are unable to absorb the extra glucose. The body stores this excess as fat.


    • Taxing the Liver – When you overeat the liver is making bile to do its job of stabilizing cholesterol levels, blood sugar and filtering toxins effectively. The heart of course, isn’t exempt here —  it’s working diligently to pump blood to the stomach to aid in the process of digestion. The lack of blood flow to the brain can leave us feeling dumber, foggy and unable to concentrate.


You say you want to sleep it off?  Not happening.

Indigestion is the number one cause of insomnia.  Sleep is the only time the body can concentrate on the process of digestion if it hasn’t completed this task while you’re awake. While digestion may or may not cause noticeable symptoms during the night, if you’re up and down or tossing and turning, it’s safe to bet improper eating is the cause.


Anti-Itis juice pack will aid in digestion and nutrient assimilation.

This juice pack includes:

  • One 32 oz Organic juice: Green, Citrus, or Beet Root (1 total)[please specify with order]
  • One 32 oz Raw Organic Coconut Water (1 total)
  • One 32 oz Alkaline Limeaide+ (1 total)

Critical for detoxing the liver, blood stream, pancreas, adrenal glands, kidneys, prostate, uterus, thyroid gland, and every organ used for internal activity.

BENEFITS: The common results most people realize after performing this cleanse include but are not limited to: heightened energy, lower blood pressure, increased iron levels, normalized appetite, regular bowel movements, boosted immunity, hydrated skin.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please consume your juice pack casually over the coarse of the day with one gallon of Naturally Alkaline Spring Water. It may also be beneficial to consume full pack prior to engaging in a large meal. This way, your body has already consumed the minerals it needs and your intestinal tract is cleared out and ready for digestion.

*Please note, we do not recommend you consume any beverages during a meal as it interrupt the digestive process. Complete your largest meal before sun down to give your body optimal time for digestion.


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