Our Story

Our Story

The Waterhole offers the local community delicious, plant-based organic fare and live cultural experiences. We help you uplift, recharge, and revitalize the mind, body, and spirit.

Our events are educational culinary experiences that the entire community can enjoy. Bring a friend or the entire family, there is something for everyone at The Waterhole.

About the Owner

Lisa Harris is an artist at MRAL. She’s lived in Mount Rainier for several years and has deep roots in the local community. Lisa’s passion is finding ways to heal the body using organic resources. When her father passed from cancer in 2013, she was inspired and committed to pursue her dreams and accomplish her goals.


“Here at The Waterhole, freshly made organic juices and smoothies are our passion. We are contributing to a healthy community and holistic environment where food is our true medicine.  Come visit us in our WI-FI juice bar and enjoy organic alkaline beverages.”

Our Promise

Transparency is important, we love for our customers to know as much about their food as we do. Feel free to ask where produce is sourced, we can always guarantee it is certified organic. All of our staff is trained within food safety requirements to make sure we offer you our best service. Fresh juice and ital food aren’t the only offering to our community, we pledge to be a safe haven for creative meet-ups and local groups.

Follow our blog for nutritional facts, pictures, videos, and articles on nurturing and achieving optimal health.

Welcome to The Waterhole!

Did you know that coffee is one of The Waterhole’s specialities? That’s right, everyday we serve fresh Local roasted Coffee.

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