Health Journey to a Vegan/Raw Lifestyle at 65!

February 27th, 2017 Posted by Alkaline, Carbon, Cleanse, Dr.Sebi, Electric Foods, fast, Fiber, Health and Wellness, Juicing, lifestyle change, raw, vegan 0 thoughts on “Health Journey to a Vegan/Raw Lifestyle at 65!”

Carlton Brown was like many people caught up in the hustle and bustle of working a full time job and eating a American diet. Awakened by a health scare and a visit to one of the top doctors in Washington, DC Dr. Watkins, Carlton has changed his life and embarked on a new health journey. Exercising, eating clean, and taking organic herbal supplements, Carlton is 35 pounds down and free of many of his medications. Feeling new, vibrant, and refreshed. This is his story!

Health Journey to a Vegan/Raw Lifestyle at 65! Click Here To Watch

As I see many people struggle with their transformation through illness… the main thing I notice is people discouraged about changing their diet. Most feel it’s hard or they are too old, too young, don’t have enough resources, work full time jobs or don’t have the proper information. After Seeing Carltons lifestyle change at 65, it encouraged me, and my hopes are that this short clip encourages others. Carlton is 65 with a full time job and traveled to find resources in order to educate himself. You have to mind your mind at times and get outside of it. In this journey of transformation, you have to find solutions not excuses. The best of changes usually don’t happen in our comfort zones! Have questions? Need support/solutions? Contact us!

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